Potty Training 101

Watching your child grow is full of bitter sweetness. There are moments that you will miss along with moments that you might not miss so much. Big example of one you may not miss so much is blow out diapers (in all their stinky glory). Potty training is a monumental milestone and once achieved one that gives your nose along with your wallet a well-deserved break, that is at least until those teenage years.

“How will I know when my toddler is ready for potty training?”

Well a few hints to know when the right time is including:

  • Your child being able to walk efficiently (seems to be a no-brainer but we’ll get to why I say that in a moment).
  • Having the ability to hold their urine for at least two hours.
  • Have solid bowel movements consistently.
  • Has the ability to pull his/her pants up and down on their own.
  • Possesses the ability to sit undistracted for a few moments.
  • Have the ability to express that they need to use the restroom prior to doing so.

While ever single child is unique and will learn at their own pace there are a couple of key points to keep in mind such as the gender of your child. Typically boys will learn how to use the potty quicker than girls, but girls seem to show a need for independence earlier than boys and will learn at a younger age. Also boys seem to become distracted easier than girls (in my experience my sons rather play in the sink than actually sit on the potty)

One thing that does stay relatively the same is how to go about getting your little miss or sir to use a potty. The first thing I learned was to go for a simple toilet. With my oldest child I bought an expensive potty chair that would sing and play music whenever it sensed “she went potty” this turned into sheer horror and she refused to get near ANY and ALL potty chairs for months. Ultimately with her I had gotten one of those seats that you can place onto a normal adult toilet but this led to me having to go into the bathroom every time she had to go and then making the choice of carting a mini toilet seat every where or taking the chance that she may not sit on “the big potty” and take steps backward in our training journey.

The next tip I have is a very simple one and one we use everyday as parents, a ton of praise when he or she does go to the bathroom in the right area. It’s beyond simple but if five babies have taught me anything it’s that a little praise goes a very long way.

This brings me to my third tip (That I’ve only had to use once), just let baby go around in the buff. I kid you not my second child became potty trained because he had no diaper on and peed a little on himself and disliked that so much that from that day on he used his potty chair ( I wish they were all that easy).

There is way more tricks and tips you can find but I have found those to be my top ones.

Good luck to all mommies going through this milestone and may the porcelain gods be with you.