Labor & Delivery

Maternity ward during the Covid19 pandemic.

It was different giving birth during the pandemic than any other one of my pregnancies.

  • No visitors were allowed.
  • Only one support person was allowed to be with me and was not able to leave and come back .( my husband who still slept through a good part of the process so that stayed the same)
  • The whole staff wore masks, the whole time,which gave (me, the person who watches way too many horror movies) an unbelievable eerie vibe.
  • No newborn pictures came (I actually preferred this because newborns look like aliens and one less person to bug the little milk monster I just got off my sore boobs)

It was go time, after a very high risk pregnancy with bubs my OB decided it was time to pull the plug and get an induction going at 39 weeks 1 day. Now this was heartbreaking for me because this was my last baby and I knew for the safety of myself and others that no one would get to meet him (and still haven’t for that matter.) There would be no flowers, no balloons, no smiles from friends and loved ones that have supported me through this tough pregnancy.

I was however lucky enough to be in a state that would allow me to have one support person permitted that they stay the duration of the time I was a patient. My lovely husband Luke stayed true to his job of sleeping through the boring parts and this time actively waking up when my epidural wore off and I was pushing (He was awake for the last baby I swear). Husband holding my thigh and laying, there with about 7 blue masked faces staring down at me, and having a rushing thought of “If aliens are real I’m sure this is what their victims see directly before being probed.”

My little fat man made his way into the world after 3 pushes and was placed on my chest which gave me the feeling of familiarity and amazing emotions that I’ve felt before putting everything at ease… and then he peed on me.