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Virtual Events and Mom Guilt

Hey Everyone! Long time no write!

I hope all of my lovely readers having been staying happy, moderately sane, and most of all healthy.

I am happy to announce that after battling a long term cold that went through our entire household I am back to doing what I love, giving you something to read.

Today I want to get into some guilt I’m having towards the virtual world, and how much it is influencing my house hold and life.

I’m sure I’m not the only that remembers being younger and having a parent scold you for being on a game, watching too much T.V, or being on AOL or Yahoo messenger for too long (and hogging the dial up).

While a huge part of me doesn’t want to sound like my mother, my kids are on the internet way too much and I feel guilty about it.

I have written about getting kids off of the electronics a few times, and usually it works, but my guilt is a double edged sword.

I don’t want my kids on electronics as much because with growing up I was taught of all of the negative effects of being on it for prolonged amounts of time, but at the same time it’s the only interaction that they are able to have with their peers.

I chose to do virtual schooling for my children and when they are in live meets with the “classroom” it is basically the teacher does her job and the kids listen and follow.

There is no Lunches with classmates.

There is no recess.

There is no “goofing around or being social butterflies”

There is and hour break that usually disbands the zoom meeting and comes back together after the kids eat.

This pretty much leaves my kids feeling like they have no friends and me feeling like I’m at the mercy of whatever the hottest multiplayer game is so that my kids get some kind of human interaction.

Like, are we just in a world now where it truly is age of AI?

Is this the new norm for humanity, video calls and headsets?

Or maybe the pandemic is finally getting to me.

Whatever the case maybe I simply can not wait to have my kids back in sports, going to grab ice cream with friends, or just going to the zoo or park and being able to socialize with people their own age again.

1 thought on “Virtual Events and Mom Guilt”

  1. Such a relatable post! My son attends a public charter school, so the majority of his classes have always been virtual (even without a pandemic). However, we truly miss all of our onsite classes, and the ability to be around peers. I’ve tried really hard to give myself grace and keep reminding myself that everyone is going through this. I have an easier time accepting more screen time when I know it’s for educational purposes. Good luck, mama!


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