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Kids Summer Activities During Covid

“I want to get my kids off the video games for a bit and with the corona numbers rising again I feel limited. What are some summer activities you suggest that can be done mostly at home?”

Summer is definitely different this year, but that just gives us a bit more reasons to get creative.

You never indicated the ages of your children and that can make or break ideas, I mean you’d have to be doing some interesting stuff to get a teenager off of Fortnite. As a matter of fact my sister and her boyfriend took their kids shooting and taught them gun safety ( I’m not suggesting that but their kids were outside).

Puffy Paint

For my younger children I like to break out the puffy paint.

It’s so easy to put together just add some food coloring to shaving cream for shades that can be just a tint, pastel, or vibrant. I also give my children paper and paint brush ( we all just wind up using our fingers).

This does engage the youngest kids the most but my 7 & 8 year old sons have played with the paint as well ( mostly throwing it at each other but again it got them outside)

Be sure that it is a mild or hypo-allergenic shaving cream and keep a close eye on little ones so that don’t try and eat it or possibly get it in their eyes.

Home Made Ice Cream

You Scream..I Scream…We All Scream (from the news broadcasts) FOR ICE CREAM!

There are so many different ways you can make homemade Ice cream. With my teenager a cold plate seems the most ideal and we have as much fun doing the set up as we do making the ice cream.

For the cold plate you can get an electric one that looks like a hot plate or griddle but larger or you can do what we do and make one yourself!

The setup for the DIY cold plate is

  • 2 Towels
  • 1 Large baking pan ( large sheet cake pan)
  • 5 lbs Dry Ice*
  • Vodka* (This isn’t going into the Ice Cream)
  • Cast Iron Skillet or a Cookie Sheet

*The Dry Ice and Vodka combo is optimal however if need be you can sub it for Ice and Salt.

Place the first towel on your table to help protect your table for any potential frost damage. Then you will want to place the cake pan on top of the towel and place your dry ice inside of it. At this time you will want to place your second towel over the dry ice (and tuck it underneath like your putting a fitted sheet on it but with a towel) wet the towel that is covering the dry ice with the vodka to make it extra cold.

*If you are using regular Ice then fill the baking pan with the ice and add the salt then cover with the second towel if you wish.

At this point you want to place your cast iron skillet or cookie sheet atop the baking sheet filled with dry ice and there you have your DIY cold plate.

Now all you need to do is place some heavy cream and condensed milk mixed at a 1:1 ratio onto your cold plate and add your favorite ingredients (mine is strawberries and dark chocolate bits) and use two spatulas to mix everything in as it freezes.

Lastly Enjoy!

Water Fight

This has pretty much been our staple this year.

Get some water balloons, squirt guns, maybe a small pool and just have at it. You’ll stay cool and there will be many laughs from the kids. If you start to lose then grab the garden hose and get to spraying.

Play with Fire

Fireworks are just not happening this year, but depending on your state (check your local laws) and common sense (don’t be the family that shoots roman candles into a tree) you could still have fun with some and put on a fairly impressive (Even if its just making patterns and writing your name with sparklers). Grab some sparklers, roman candles, bottle rockets and fire crackers and give the kids an at home show.

If fireworks aren’t your thing then maybe a fire pit. You could do the traditional hot dogs then make yummy s’mores or tell stories (my favorite are the “back in my day ones”).

There are so many more things you can do.

  • Craft Day
  • Different forms of art
  • Fun Exercises (My kids can’t get enough of hoping on the trampoline)
  • Cooking new foods (We learned how to make Onigiri and I see it becoming a staple dinner)

Hopefully some of these ideas are helpful and hopefully you and yours stay safe, happy, and healthy.


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