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Baby Comfort Tips After Shots

Bubs had his first (well second if you count when he was born) round of shots, two shots in the right leg and one in the left. Poor guy also had an oral vaccine that he was not very happy about at all.

The thing about Bubs is that he is the quietest of my babies so far, I think I’ve heard him cry only a handful of times and that is usually after a few warning whines from him, so hearing him cry during the injections and after is utterly heart wrenching. As a mom you don’t like having your baby in pain and not too much you can do about it, then there is the guilt ( Yes I know a little needle is better than him getting Polio or some other crap card) of knowing I’m the one who took him to see the good doctor and the cause of the pain indirectly.

So what to do with my horribly upset tiny human?

I turn to the “5 S’s”

The S’s that are documented and that I LOVE are

  • Swaddle
  • Side or Stomach
  • Shushing
  • Swinging
  • Sucking

The 5 S’s were published in the Journal of Pediatrics to help sooth a baby following injections and the hope is that the five methods alone or used in combination will help the tiny ones have comfort and reduce anxiety.


For Swaddling it seems simple enough, go ahead and get baby in a tight bind so that you are mimicking being in the womb, what better feeling for them than being cozy and warm with a nice side of mumzie smell?


Side or stomach holding is another high comfort hold (please for obvious reasons don’t swaddle and have baby on his stomach or side). Something I wish I had known with my oldest kiddo is that babies who experience colic episodes even benefit from this hold.


Now I would like to assume that any sound that your little one may like would work, my 3 month old happens to like clicking sounds (and this is half of the sounds I use because it works and it gives the neighbors another reason to think I am 100% mental). The idea behind the “shush” is that it mimics the sounds from when he was on the inside listening to the rhythm of your heart.


Swinging once again brings the comforts of the first home that the tiny human has ever had, if he enjoys being in a infant swing of sorts then by all means hook him up, if he rather having some cuddles the method I prefer is the side hold while doing my shushing and clicking.


Hand, Thumb, Bottle, Breast, or Pacifier.

It doesn’t really matter much, babies sucking reflex is incredibly calming to them and studies have proven that the action lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels very quickly.

Those are my go to’s for when my little ones have vaccinations and if you have a fever that comes about then give a ring to your child’s doctor to see if maybe she will suggest Tylenol (which also helps with the pain).


3 thoughts on “Baby Comfort Tips After Shots”

  1. I have swaddled my daughter at least until she was 6 months so that my daughter slept peacefully and that would actually work. Swaddle is always my favorite to soothe babies


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