A Post for the Daddies

I don’t know why but Fathers Day has always been a big deal for me, and I’m not even the dad.

When I was little it was great getting up and making my dad breakfast in bed and then spending the day watching “The Terminator” and then “Lord of the Rings” when that came out (we love Master Baggins). To be followed by helping my mom make what ever he chose for dinner. Another plus was that we would have cake and ice cream (his birthday is June 19th so it was fathers day B-day combo. NICE). I still love cooking my dad a birthday/ fathers day dinner to this day.

Now I get to do the same for my husband! Except now of course I’m the mom and have the kiddos helping me and we’re playing video games instead of movies (Mario Racing rocks!) There is something about seeing my kids light up and wanting everything just right like I did as a kid.

Whether it’s a yummy meal, a special outing, gifts, or time well spent together it’s great memories made that will last a life time.

Thank you to the great Dads out there.

Happy Fathers Day!

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