Back to work bottles for the Breastfeeding Mamma (pt.2)

Ok mumzies bottle number 2 on my list is none other than Dr.Browns. Now after boasting about the nipple on the Lansinoh it feels awkward to say Dr.Browns but hear me out. The nipple is more standard but they have different flow rates that are interchangeable. The reason that I love this so much is that the Newbie has to work a bit harder to get the milk out on the “preemie flow” which mimics the flow of breast milk, this helps prevent baby from wanting the bottle more because he can get a full feeding out in 5 minutes as opposed to like 7 or 10.

Another perk to the Dr. Browns is the system to vent its air so that baby won’t be colicky or have gas. The extra part is a bit annoying to clean however there is a small pipe cleaner brush that is included in most bottle sets that makes this easy to get into the nooks of the piece, along with getting into the deepest parts of the bottle nipple.

I truly wish there was a way to get the best of both worlds with the flow rate of this bottle and the nipple shape of the previously mentioned one, but I suppose that is in a perfect world.


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