Back to Work Bottles for the Breastfeeding Mamma (Pt 1.)

I’ve done it time and time again but going back to work sucks. I had all this time with my little monsters seeing them day in and day out, not to mention having the Newbies skin to skin cuddles and (of course or else this post wouldn’t exist) being able to breastfeed on demand. It’s a special bonding moment that really doesn’t feel like it can be replaced, and after a difficult road of a crappy latch for his first 4 weeks (swear my nipples looked like they had the same crater look to them at the moon) I am not ready to give that up.

After who knows how many hours looking at bottles and reviews and “what to look for in a bottle” This is one I had finally decided on.

The first bottle being the “Lansinoh Momma” bottle which boasts to have a nipple for the most natural latch. This was an instant try it out in my book, I said before Newbie had a horrible latch and I didn’t want anything to change it now that we got it down well. The company is also a breast pump manufacturing company so I figured they would know a thing or two. The nipple is very flexible and has a good shape also it is a more gentle slope than most standard bottle so my son didn’t seem to have much of a problem getting used to the feel of this bottle. There is also a hole on the top of the nipple for ventilation to avoid colic (which I mean we all have to appreciate right?)

The only real con I am finding with this particular bottle is that I do wish there was a slower nipple flow. The flow is a bit slower than a standard bottle but the issue at hand is that he might get lazy on me and decide to prefer the bottle and getting his food quicker than working for it from me. Here’s to keeping the breastfeeding relationship alive for a bit longer at least.


If you had to go between bottle and breast definitely leave a comment below

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