Something Beautiful during a challenging time.

In the midst of dealing with social distancing, being isolated from family that I would see at least once a week, trying to figure out what the hell is up with this “new- not so new math” and what is going on with the “do not enter” stickers on the store floors… I had my last baby.

Yep had a baby just like so many other strong woman that I know are doing the same during this scary time. I feel for these women because even though I did the same thing there are women who are having their first child and can’t have their mom’s there or even in some areas are forced to give birth alone. no spouse. no support person (except a nurse). Just them and the doctors trying to do something they’ve never done before.

And that experience and view of strength led me to here.

Seeing other women endure sharing the memory of one of the happiest and scariest moments of their lives with the constrictions of a monster like virus, showed me to work through my fears of wanting to write a blog and hopefully help women in all stages of motherhood feel less alone during these times and feel a part of a village in happier times.

Here’s to being a mommy, mom, mother, mum, mama or mumzie in all fashions.


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